Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

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Tweet from mobile app

Tweet from mobile app

How to make it super-easy for participants to tweet during an event, and connect with the speaker and others? And do that without skimping on quality – because these entries all need to use the same event hashtag, and have the precise Twitter ID? 

Very simple – pre-populate the entries in the tweet. It looks like this:

This post is not about the advantages of leveraging social media tools like Twitter or LinkedIn during a Conference or tradeshow. There are very good resources on how to leverage Twitter, what are the best tools to implement, best approaches to manage the back channels. The link from Olivia Mitchell’s very good eBook on Twitter use during presentations  mentions a well reasearched list of tools. The case for using social media is way too strong for me to even try. So, what is this post?

This is about how to make it happen. We all know we need to do it, but HOW you do it EASILY? In our mobile app we now have an easy integration with Twitter, from within the app. So, THREE SECONDS to twitter integration:

Second 1: Enter the Hash tag for the event in the Conference Profile

Second 2: Ask the speaker to Enter the TwitterID for the speaker – this is done automatically once you enter the speaker e-mail for the agenda – they will get prompted to enter the Twitter ID and LinkedIn

Second 3: The participants tweet from within the mobile app. The right data is pre-populated: the Conference Twitter hashtag, and the Speaker Twitter ID.

twitter, facebook and LinkedIn Event integration in seconds with Zwoor.com

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Event integration in seconds












Some more screenshots on how this looks like, on the web app setup, and on the iPhone and iPad apps.

Tweet from within the mobile conference app

iPhone Twitter from within App

Tweet from within mobile app – notice the twitter icon next to the Speaker. Just press on the icon, and type.

Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook in Speaker Profile


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