Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

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Your event website is up. To get the word out, you now need three things:

1. Visitors to the site.

2. A good ranking on Google, so more potential attendees find you on the Google search.  And visit your website.

3. A good “Share” button, so your visitors can share in Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter or other social media.

So, how do you get these. Visitors – you use e-mail lists, send the link via Twitter, put it on your Facebook page. Also, add to LinkedIn events, Yahoo Events, and so on. Some organic traffic will come from it. You can also use Google AdWords – this option can turn very expensive very quickly… some keywords run $10 or more, especially if your event is in the Finance, Medical or Technology field.

# 3 is absolutely critical for a good ranking on Google, so a solid set of tools will allow your followers to rank you very quickly, if you use the technology smartly.

Here are the tools that we recommend to Event Planners. If you have others you are using, please add your comments and let our readers know.

So, how hard is to a socilal media sharing tool to your event? Not hard at all…a copy and paste, typically.

Here is one example of a button created via http://twitterbuttons.com/ , the first tool we are going to recommend for event planners that want to make it easy for visitors to share the Conference, Tradeshow or Corporate event news:   
By TwitterButtons.com

It took just two steps, and about 60 seconds to get this button in the blog post – simply go to their website, enter the event TwitterID, and select from the several designs they have on the website.

The other four tools we like:

  1. ShareThis – http://sharethis.com – adds the key social media links with one piece of code
  2. Add this http://www.addthis.com/ – one of the most used social buttons on the net (14 million users)
  3. Socially.at http://socially.at/ – the new kid on the block for social media sharing buttons
  4. About.me  https://about.me/ – an easy way to create a page for your event
Other tools you are using? Let us know.


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