Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Ask questions via mobile devices. Vote up the best questions.
See screenshots from a Sample App
See how your event can look like, in just a few minutes
Create your Mobile Survey
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We release new features every month. We made a call on the priority based on the interaction with you, our users, and then the development team gets busy to making that a reality.

A potential client of ours, Rick Altman, sent us a list of features that he would like to have implemented. Our development team liked that…A LOT, so we decided to ask our users in a more formal way to tell us “What feature should we implement next?”.

If you’d like to add to the list, or vote on the list of features to be implemented, please let us know via the following links – you can vote up or down the existing features, add your comments, or create a new feature all together.

For the Survey App New features 

For the Zwoor Event App features

Thanks in advance for your feedback, and ideas on the next feature. 



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