Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Ask questions via mobile devices. Vote up the best questions.
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Our cartoonist has been busy…just uploaded our 90 second video on Mobile enabling an event, in just a few hours.
You can also find the script text after the video, in case you just want to scan, vs. invest the 90 seconds.

Sam is an event organizer. He is busy enough: speakers, venue logistics, attendees emails. Kim is looking forward to Sam’s event. She carries an ipad, and she does a lot with it – e-mail, reading, to dos.There are a lot of Kim’s, with iPads, iPhones,  and other smart devices… and all want event agenda, meeting materials, speaker bios to fit  all on that little device.

And now, Sam needs to mobile enable the event.  Isn’t he busy enough?
This is simple. Zwoor.com. In just a few hours, Sam’s event is in that little device. Best, speakers can add their own materials.  And Zwoor knows how busy Sam is, so consultants are here to help.

Kim is super happy, too. She was up to speed on all agenda changes, created her own personal calendar, connected with others via Twitter and Linked in, and provided feedback via the event app.  And saved a tree.

Zwoor.com. Your event…

but wait. Sam is happy too. The Event dashboard showed him how many people signed up for a topic, the rating and comments for the session, the social media connections. What else would you need…because an event is all about connecting people to people.

Zwoor.com. Your event mobile,  in just a few hours.

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