How can you see all the Conference Speaker ratings at a glance?

We get quite frequently the question – how to best display the data from the Speaker rating sessions? There are a lot of sessions, lots of survey submissions, and typically we measure against ten criteria each session.  You can easily end up with thousands of data points.

For example, the ten dimensions we typically measure the sessions are below (you can easily create your own survey by using the Conference survey template from our library…in under a minute you will have your own Conference ready survey…)

Survey report - visualization

  1. Presenter knowledgeable of subject matter
  2. Presenter teaching style was effective
  3. Presenter adhered to subject matter
  4. Presenter was organized
  5. Visual aids were useful
  6. Written materials useful for my work
  7. Written materials useful for my work
  8. Subject matter is of value to me
  9. Repeat topic in the future?
  10. Repeat speaker in the future?
You want to quickly assess the best sessions, the best speakers, whom to invite next time.  Here is an example of data visualization.
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