Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Ask questions via mobile devices. Vote up the best questions.
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conference and tradeshow cost per leadHubspot published an interesting chart recently, showing the value of inbound vs. outbound marketing.

The chart shows Tradeshows as the least effective channel for marketing, while blogs and Social Media the highest value. So, how do you transform an issue into an opportunity?

Intuitively, this makes sense. How many times we hear someone spend 10 thousand dollars into a low effectiveness event, to come back with 50 business cards, 80% of their owners more interested in getting the panda bear trinket for the kids back home.

Your event can stand out by INTEGRATING social media, and extending that way into the effective channels. By smartly leveraging mobile apps, the social media is included, and made easy. Easy connections can be made.

iPhone Twitter from within App

Tweet from withing app - notice fields are pre-populated

With our mobile app for events, we strive to hit on the key five elements to engage and excite your audience:


  1. Put your event in front of as many people as possible
  2. Make it easy to share, comment and follow
  3. Provide a Purpose to Engage
  4. Answer a survey on agenda topics
  5. Provide Ideas to an Industry wicked issue






Ideal reactions during the event: “We connected via LinkedIn two weeks ago. Thanks for accepting my invite. “


“Oh, I’ve seen you submitted that terrific idea towards the Challenge. I loved it. We actually had the same idea a few months back, and this is what we’ve done”


“Your tweet on Top 10 tips for B2B was very helpful. Thanks.”



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