For many of us the Year End Meeting is one of the few opportunities to get face to face with our colleagues. Here are some tips to make the year end meeting a brilliant event.

the event at your fingertip1. The first step for the Year End meeting is actually a “Don’t do” step: Avoid the temptation to give every individual or department time to present, they will feel the need to fill their time allocation and most people will not be interested. Instead why not have a quick “mobile app” presentation, where every department or individual can have a poster / presentation and other attendees can browse, comment and ask about the things they are interested in. The Year End Meeting mobile app can be published well in advance, people can read these materials on the plane coming to the meeting, and everyone is up to speed on the results by the time meeting starts. Check out our Corporate Event mobile apps – you can create your Year End Meeting content right now.

Load the presentations, stats, reports, best practices into the app. The browsing can be done in advance. A “Poster” section, very easy to do in our app, is another way of sharing the results for each department.


 2. Solve a wicked problem together. Creating new ideas together – brainstorm how to meet next year’s plan, finalize plans, tackle the “what keeps you up at night” via an Idea challenge is maybe the best way to engage your audience towards the theme of the Year End Meeting.

Maybe the theme is about catching up with a very strong competitor. Or innovating in new channels. Bring the best idea forward towards that. And if your participants know how to use Facebook, they will feel at home in our Idea Challenge app.

The organization leader can launch this 4-6 weeks before the meeting. Groups are much more committed to solutions they develop themselves, and working together on generating ideas, rating ideas, building on each other, will get you an excited and engaged audience the first hour of the Year End event. At the Year End Event, have the VP that sponsored the Idea Challenge announce the top three ideas to pursue, and what the plan to make them happen is.

Our Idea Challenge platform brings the best practices in running Idea Challenges, and guides the organizer step by step on the process.


speaker-bio feature3. Publish a “Who is who” directory, with a short intro, a picture, and eventually a bio. The new leader in marketing, or the call center operations manager – easy to find via the mobile app.  We have seen many times people walking to each other saying “I loved your profile in the app”. Best, our apps allow people to edit their own entries, and be as creative as they would like. Why not allow your participants to share what they think is the most relevant about them, via the Year End Mobile App.

Links to your Twitter or Linked in are just a click away. Your personal blog or the latest articles in the media about a recent product launch – publish it and allow all participants to see.

It will be  a great conversation starter, and will create a team spirit built on the strength of diversity of backgrounds shared.

4. Ask the audience what they would like to hear. Too often we schedule the “Best practices” in the middle of the Corporate Year End meeting. I often call these “great solutions to problems I don’t have”, people present what they are proud of but not what the audience needs. Learning will only be used if it is relevant to the audience. Why not ask the audience what they want to learn about in advance and offer some short flexible sessions where they can ask subject matter experts what they want to know. Make these sessions optional so people without a need don’t need to sit through irrelevant discussions. Our survey mobile apps allow you to create a two way conversation during the event.

Before or during the event, ask participants what they would like to hear, and if the topics are relevant.

Tweet From The App5. Allow ample time for networking – the most valuable time in most meetings is during the breaks and lunchtime – design these to make networking easy, avoid formal sit down lunches, keep mixing up seating arrangements, allow time for extended breaks.

Make networking impossible to avoid, and take networking to the mobile channel as well. Like what the speaker has to say, send them a comment; follow them on Twitter or LinkedIn.

This is the end of the five steps.

Do you have other tips for making the Year End Meeting a brilliant one? Please share.

We are all hungry for better ways.

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