Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

Highly Interactive Meetings and Events with mobile Q&A sessions

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A brilliant meeting starts well before the face to face event.

Too often we have generic meetings, driven by a drumbeat of the calendar. “Is that time of the quarter. Or the year.  Let’s get the intern to put a proposal for what can we do in two days. Keep it under a hundred thousand if we can. “  And the biggest decision on the meeting is what venue we do it at:” Should we keep it near the airport, so everyone can fly out in the afternoon of the second day?”.

brilliant meetings require engagementA brilliant meeting starts with the theme of the meeting. This is by far the biggest decision for the meeting. It creates purpose, drives focus for the organization, makes the long list of decisions, including the list of speakers and activities so much easier.

A theme, most importantly, allows the meeting leadership team to engage the participants a few weeks in advance.

“How might we create a profitable new sales channel in the inner-city market?”. “How might we dramatically improve our scalable innovation pipeline?”. “How might we leverage the mobility explosion on our services offerings?”.

Challenge the participants to solving what keeps you up at night. Allow participants to give their best ideas, become involved. All of them will come to the meeting with a “we” mentality, vs. “another strategy deployment and status sharing meeting”.

How will your next meeting be: brilliant or boring? Engaged or one way?


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